Wholesale Order Policy


The Rockabilia Wholesale Advantage

Rockabilia has been in the music merchandise mail order and eCommerce business for more than 30 years. This has allowed us to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with license holders, as well as manufacturers from all over the world. We have always advertised and been known as the “One Stop Shop”. We can offer your business one of the most economical and reliable wholesale services in the industry. You are able to order from licencors and manufacturers you did not even know existed. All merchandise is absolutely authentic and licensed.

We provide you the ability to order wholesale merchandise from thousands of bands, all on one carefully created website. We offer over 100,000 items contained in our own warehouse combined with the massive amounts of inventory reported to us and held by our suppliers. All in one convenient place. Once you place your order, we will receive and combine the merchandise from all supply chains in one shipment, greatly reducing your shipping costs. This also allows us to provide you greater order accuracy and quality control.


Wholesale Website Order Requirements

  1. You must have a physical store or a web site that you sell through
  2. You must have a business ID (EIN,SSN,Reseller ID, etc.)
  3. You must create an account CLICK HERE
  4. You must have received an acknowledgement email from us approving your account
  5. You must place the minimum order
  6. Orders must be shipped to place of business
  7. All foreign orders will have additional taxes/duties added at time of shipment


Ordering Q&A Information

What Is The Order Minimum?

The current minimum order must be over $300 USA before shipping.

What Does The Different Stock Status Mean?

In Stock” items are contained in our warehouse and will ship within two business days. “Ships 7-12 Business Days” must be brought in from other warehouses and combined with all “In Stock” items before your order can ship.

What Is The Order Processing Time? 

Varies depending on stock status of items ordered. If all items ordered were described as “In Stock” on the product detail page, the order will be shipped within two business days. If any of the items ordered were described as “Ships 7-12 Business Days” on the product detail page, the order will be shipped within 14 business days. If any items in your order have not yet arrived (which is rare), we will ship them when they arrive at our expense.

What Are The Payment Terms?  

All product is prepaid when the order is placed on our web site. When the order is complete and shipping is calculated, you will receive an electronic invoice that will contain a link that will allow you to pay any taxes/duties and shipping cost due. Once this has been completed, your order will ship. Orders will not ship until all taxes/duties and shipping has been paid.

What Are Current Payment Methods?  

Our website currently accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. Paypal is also accepted. We are currently working on a process to accept wire transfers. This will be completed very soon.

What Are Current Domestic Shipping Methods? 

We have discount contracts with most major carriers. Postage greatly depends on package size and weight. We will rate shop your package/packages for the best possible rate.

What Are Current International Shipping Methods? 

We ship through several different freight and express carriers. Cost depends mostly on duration of travel time. We will rate them all and offer you two different pricing options. You can then choose which option you want depending on price and required delivery date. You are responsible for all customs taxes, duties and brokerage fees. Requested commercial invoices will be charged an additional $40.00.



Because of the possibility we brought much of the product in from other suppliers to fill your order, there are absolutely no returns. Please inspect your order as soon as it is received. Check for outside damage to the box. If there is any, refuse the package. Once the order is opened confirm you received what was ordered. If there is an error, contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will resolve the problem.


Customer Service
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